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Leading the way with Digital Instrument Transformers

Ahead of the competition, Alstom innovative, patent technology - which enables full IEC 61850 implementation - benchmarks the state of the art in Transmission network architectures for tomorrow's Smart Grid.


Dicover our COSI-CT LC/LCD

for high-accuracy, wide-bandwidth sensors for low ratio or low current measurement applications.



New IT capability leads the way to Smarter Solutions

With real-time information input from modern sensors and complete interoperability, digital substations will soon be able to meet a whole new set of expectations, thanks to recent progress in electronics and information technology and new communications protocol standards.

New IT capability leads the way to smarter substations


Instrument Transformers IEC61850 based

As world wide leader in HV Instrument Transformers up to 1200 kV, Alstom Grid masters all the conventional voltage levels and technologies. The Optical Instrument Transformers represent the latest generation of Instrument Transformers and a more technically advanced solution than oil filled or SF6 types.

Our experts have been working in this very promising domain since the early 1980s. Today, with digital relays commercially available and the recent NxtPhase acquisition, we are ready to serve most of the requested market applications.